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Posted on May 24, 2023

Requiem Eucharist and AGM

The 2024 AGM will take place on Wednesday 6th November 2024 at 3.00 pm in the Henry Wood Room at Holy Sepulchre. The Requiem Eucharist, in memory of all musicians whose names are inscribed in the Musicians’ Book of Remembrance, will follow at 5.15 pm when the choir of Holy Sepulchre will be directed by Peter Asprey. The preacher will be The Revd Nicholas Mottershead, Priest-in-Chage of Holy Sepulchre, the National Musicians’ Church.

Services of Thanksgiving 2023

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There were two Services of Thanksgiving in 2023

First Service

The first was held on Wednesday 17th May, and was sung by a choir from the Royal Academy of Music directed by Patrick Russill. The preacher was The Revd Dr James Hawkey, Canon of Westminster and Chaplain to His Majesty The King. A copy of the address can be found here.

Names Inscribed at the First Service

Name Occupation Year of Death
Sue Alcock Clarinettist 2020
Wendy Baldwin Principal Soprano 2021
John Bradbury Director of Music 2021
Julian Bream Guitarist, Lutenist 2020
Michael Bromberg Violist 1978
Sheila Bromberg Harpist 2021
Alan Byers Tenor 2022
Barry Castle Horn player 2022
Marguerita Chilvers Teacher, Conductor 2016
Clive Constance Baritone 2022
Robert Docker Pianist, Composer 1992
Catherine Ennis Organist 2020
Roger Fisher Organist, Choirmaster 2021
Jack Geary Bandleader, Clarinettist 1974
Andrew Greenwood Opera conductor 2021
Jane E Griffiths Clarinet teacher 2021
Allen Handy Trumpet player 2020
Paul Harrison Director of Music 2021
Dominic Hopkins Violinist 2022
Donald Hoskins Conductor, Musicologist 2020
Neil Hoyle Music Administrator 2019
David Hudson Sound Engineer 2013
Peter Jonas Intendant 2020
Patrick Kelly Trombonist 2020
Chris Larkin Horn player 2021
Maureen Lehane Mezzo Soprano 2010
Martin Loveday Cellist 2020
Hilary Macnamara Pianist 2021
Andrew (Andy) McGavin French Horn 2021
Jean Middlemiss Director of Music 2020
Clarence Alfred Myerscough Violinist 1985
Mike Nelson Violinist, Violist 2021
Sheila Nelson Violinist 2020
Tony Parsons Trombonist 2019
Jeremy Peyton Jones Composer, Lecturer 2021
Megan Pound Violinist 2017
Leonard Pugh Music Adviser 2019
Larion Stolk Singer, Teacher 2019
Derek Taylor French Horn 2021
Derek Wickens Oboist 2022
Peter Wishart Composer 1984
John Woolf Violinist, Impresario 2022

Second Service

The second was held on Wednesday 13th September at 5.15 pm , sung by the choir of Holy Sepulchre directed by Peter Asprey. The preacher was The Revd Nicholas Mottershead, Priest-in-Charge of Holy Sepulchre.

Names Inscribed at the Second Service

Name Occupation Year of Death
Simon BainbridgeComposer2021
John BassDouble Bassist1996
Jennifer BateConcert Organist2020
Charles BeldomViolinist2022
Stan BourkeDrummer2017
Joan BucknallViolist2016
Richard BurnettFortepianist2022
Jean BurrowPianist, Choirleader2022
Alex CameronCellist2023
Alfred ChampnissDirector of Music2022
Anne CollisPercussionist, Composer2013
Benedict CruftViolinist2022
Gervase de PeyerClarinettist2017
Felicity FosterPianist2022
Charles FullbrookTimpanist2022
James GriffettTenor2019
Joseph HorovitzComposer, Conductor2022
Martin HowOrganist, Composer2022
Alison Howard-LucyCellist2018
Francis JacksonOrganist, Composer2022
Keith JarvisOrganist, Teacher2023
David LittaurConductor2022
David Lloyd-JonesConductor2022
Salah Dawson MillerEthnomusicologist2017
Emma MurphyRecorder Player2022
Simon PrestonOrganist, Conductor2022
Stephen RobertsBaritone2022
Godfrey SalmonViolinist, Conductor2022
Richard SealCathedral Organist2022
Timothy SymonsSinger, Musicologist2022
Malcolm TroupPianist, Academic2021
Peter WigginsOboist, Reedmaker2022

Service of Thanksgiving 2022

Posted on January 8, 2022

The Service of Thanksgiving in 2022 was held on Wednesday 18th May 2022 at 5.00 pm, with music provided by the Chamber Choir of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire directed by Paul Spicer. The Address was given by The Reverend Canon Adrian Daffern, FRCO, Vicar of the University Church of Great St Mary’s, Cambridge. A copy of the address can be found here.

Names Inscribed in 2022

Name Occupation Year of Death
Steuart Bedford Conductor, Pianist 2021
Susanne Beer Cellist 2019
Fiona Cameron Pianist, Teacher 2020
Sidney Campbell Organist, Composer 1974
Herbert Chappell Composer, Producer 2019
Gustav Clarkson Violist 2020
Julian Couzens Organist, Choirmaster 2019
Geoffrey Dancer Pianist, Restorer 2008
Oliver Davies Pianist, Musicologist 2020
Paul Deegan Tenor, Teacher 2020
Frances Dewar Violinist 2019
John A Duffy (JD) Double Bassist 2021
Ruth Dyson Harpsichordist, Teacher 1997
Margaret Engering Suzuki Teacher 2016
Nigel Finzi Violinist 2010
Carol Foulkes Soprano 2020
Jonathan Goldstein Composer 2019
Alan Green Tenor, Teacher 2020
Joan Hall Violinist 2020
Bernard Hall-Mancey Director of Music 2020
Brian Hawkins Violist, Teacher 2019
Susan Henderson Violinist 2019
Michelle Le M. Jenkins Flute, Harp 2019
Kenneth Jones Composer, Conductor 2020
Annie Lecker Pianist 1979
Maurice Lecker Conductor, Violinist 1956
Richard Lloyd Organist, Composer 2021
Peter Long Organist, Tenor 2019
Jane Manning Soprano, Writer 2021
Hannah Marcinowicz Classical Saxophonist 2019
Nick Milner-Gulland Organist, Teacher 2017
John Morehen Scholar, Organist 2021
Frank Murphy French Horn 2019
Lucian Nethsingha Cathedral Organist 2021
Anthony Payne Composer, Musicologist 2021
James Peschek Musician, Communicator 2021
Mollie Petrie Mezzo Soprano, Teacher 2016
Richard Shephard Composer, Educator 2021
Celia Simmonds Cellist 1987
Maurice Simmonds Violinist 1998
Keith Stent Conductor, Arranger 2019
Tony Whennell Saxophonist, Teacher 2020
Arthur Wills Composer, Organist 2020
Bob Winquist Violist, Violinist 2020

Service of Thanksgiving 2021

Posted on August 22, 2021

The Service of Thanksgiving was held on Wednesday 29th September 2021 The Service was led by The Reverend Nick Mottershead with music from the Choir of Holy Sepulchre, directed by Peter Asprey. The Address was given by The Very Reverend Dr Victor Stock, Dean-Emeritus of Guildford and a former Rector of St Mary-le-Bow.

Names Inscribed in 2021

Name Occupation Year of Death
William Alwyn Composer 1985
Marjorie Avis Soprano 2000
Lawrence Barnes Piano Tuner 2003
Lynton Black Bass Baritone 2019
Dian Booth Violinist 2020
Paula Bott Soprano – Opera 2019
Lucy Carolan Harpsichordist 2015
Doreen Carwithen Composer 2003
Stephen Cleobury Conductor, Organist 2019
Ian Copley Composer, Author 1988
Esther Cooper Violinist, Violist 2015
Stefan de Haan Bassoonist, Composer 2010
John Edney Trombonist 2019
Margery Elliott Flautist 2019
Gerald English Tenor 2019
Alastair (Al) Fletcher Drummer 2016
John Fletcher Tuba Player 1987
Matthew Fowler Keyboards Player 2018
Peter Fowler Singer, Conductor 2019
Jack Goddard Saxophonist, Arranger 1989
Anthony Goldstone Pianist 2017
Eric Heap Trumpet Player 2018
Reginald (Reg) Howell Organist, Choirmaster 1988
Peter Hurford Organist, Composer 2019
Michael Keyte Pianist, Teacher 2018
Oliver Knussen Composer, Conductor 2018
Stuart Knussen Double Bassist 1990
Nona Liddell Violinist 2017
Francisco Xavier Lobo Army Bandmaster 1930
Danny Longstaff Trombonist 2015
Peter Macdonald Conductor, Organist 2017
Brian Mack Violist 2019
Helen MacLeod Harpist 2018
Benjamin W. Odom Baritone, Conductor 2019
Glyndwr Parfitt Violist, Teacher 2019
Noel Rawsthorne Organist, Composer 2019
Peter Stevens Violinist, Violist 2018
Roderick Swanston Lecturer, Organist 2018
Alan Taylor Teacher, Composer 2018
Geoffrey Thomas Cellist 2018
Anthony (Tony) Tunstall Hom Player 2018
John Walker Organist 2019
John Whitfield Bassoonist, Arranger 2019
David Wright Pianist, Organist 2004

Service of Thanksgiving 2019

Posted on December 9, 2018

The 2019 Service of Thanksgiving was on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 at 6.00 pm at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The service was conducted by the Rector, The Reverend David Ingall and the preacher was The Right Reverend Graeme Knowles, CVO, the former Dean of St Paul’s. The Precentor was The Reverend Peter

The music was a Queen Anne Evensong of the early 1700s, sung by the choir of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, under the direction of Dr Geoffrey Webber.

2018 Inscriptions

Posted on May 26, 2018

The following people were remembered through inscription in the Book of Remembrance in 2018:

Name Profession Birth-Death
David Angel Violinist 1954-2017
Derek Bourgeois Composer 1941-2017
Constance Boyle Pianist 1929-2017
Averil Carmalt Violinist, Teacher 1934-2017
Patricia Carroll Pianist 1932-2017
Harry Cawood Violinist, Teacher 1942-2017
Audrey Chapman Pianist 1922-2013
Arnold Cooke Composer 1906-2005
Melanie Daiken Composer, Teacher 1945-2016
James Dalton Organist 1930-2017
Dorothy Dorow Soprano 1930-2017
Peter Hall Tenor 1940-2017
Mike Harries Trombonist, Bandleader 1932-2018
Alan Haven Jazz Organist 1935-2016
Antoinette Kirkwood Composer 1930-2014
Gordon Langford Composer, Pianist 1930-2017
Pauline Mara Flautist 1948-2010
Robert Meikle Teacher, Conductor 1936-2017
Anthony Milledge Organist, Conductor 1943-2017
Antony Miller Oboist, Teacher 1926-2017
James Patten Composer 1936-2015
Lena Phillips Singing Teacher 1944-2015
Fergus Read Jazz Teacher 1965-2006
Reg Reid Trombonist, Lecturer 1937-2017
John Stenhouse Clarinettist 1942-2016
Eva Stewart Piccolo, Flautist 1971-2017
Jasper Thorogood Director of Music 1943-2016
Peter Uppard Pianist, Composer 1944-2017
Peter Ward Pianist, Violist 1922-2017
Gwyn Williams Violist 1937-2015
Michael Winfield Oboist 1930-2017
David Wulstan Choirmaster, Scholar 1937-2017

2017 Inscriptions

Posted on May 13, 2017

The following people were remembered through inscription in the Book of Remembrance this year:

Name Profession Birth-Death
Oliver Bannister Flautist 1926-2014
Guy Bennett Trombonist, Conductor 1958-2016
Neil Black Oboist 1932-2016
Paul Blissett Pianist 1938-2016
Rosie Cracknell Singer, Songwriter 1953-2015
Paul Anthony Davis Conductor, Pianist 1938-2016
Barry Draycott Organist 1934-2016
Rosemary Dunn Violist 1938-2016
David Gedge Organist 1968-2016
Alasdair Graham Pianist 1934-2016
Clifford Hewis Organist 1910-1989
Michael Hill Pianist, Administrator 1945-2016
Alfreda Hodgson Contralto 1940-1992
Christine Jackson Cellist 1962-2016
Sydney (Bill) Jackson Trumpeter, Teacher 1929-2015
Michael James Organist, Conductor 1951-1981
Peter James Conductor 1940-2016
David Johnston Tenor 1931-2016
Helen Just Chamber Musician 1903-1989
Lina Lalandi-Emery Harpsichordist 1920-2012
Tim Lawrence Tenor 1988-2015
Lawrence (Laurie) Lewis Violinist 1931-2016
Pamela Majaro Chamber Musician 1932-2016
Noel Mander Organ builder 1912-2005
Neville Marriner Violinist, Conductor 1924-2016
Peter Maxwell Davies Composer 1934-2016
John Milton-Tayler Drummer, Teacher 1934-2016
Karen O’Connor Oboist 1956-2016
William R.H. Petter Tenor 1982-2016
Martin Pickering Tenor, Conductor 1955-2016
Norman Platt Founder Kent Opera 1920-2004
Richard Popplewell Organist, Choirmaster 1935-2016
Jean Price Harpist 1950-2016
Joyce Rathbone Pianist 1929-2010
Paul Robertson Violinist 1952-2016
Brian Sharp Organist, Pianist 1937-2016
John Shirley-Quirk Bass Baritone 1931-2016
Peter Melville Smith Piano Teacher 1943-2016
Shelley Stannus Gunning Cellist 1937-2016
Paul Steinitz Conductor, Scholar 1909-1988
Jennifer Ward Clarke Cellist 1935-2015
Robin Wells Organist, Conductor 1943-2016
Hazel Wood Mezzo soprano 1936-2016
Guy Woolfenden Composer 1937-2016

Service of Thanksgiving 2017

Posted on February 1, 2017

This year’s Annual Service of Thanksgiving in memory of those newly inscribed into the Book of Remembrance in the Musicians’ Chapel took place on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at 6.00 pm and was sung by the Choir of the Royal Academy of Music directed by Patrick Russill. The preacher was The Dean of Westminster, The Very Reverend Dr John Hall.  Dr Hall has kindly made a transcript of his address available; to download please click here.

2016 Inscriptions

Posted on May 1, 2016

The following names were inscribed in the Book of Remembrance this year:

Name Profession Birth–Death
Pauline Brockless Soprano 1929–2015
Nicholas Busch Principal Horn 1939–2013
Alfred Clow Woodwind Teacher 1938–2014
Eugéne Collins Pianist 1927–2015
Denys Darlow Conductor, Organist 1921–2015
Sister André Dullaghan Singing Teacher 1937–2015
Bryan Fairfax Conductor, Violinist 1925–2014
Rod Franks Trumpeter 1956–2014
Wilfred Gibson Violinist, Composer 1942–2014
Sydney Humphreys Violinist, Teacher 1926–2015
Kay Hurwitz Violist 1920–2014
Derek James Principal Trombone 1929–2014
Richard Lewis Tenor 1914–1990
John McCabe Composer 1939–2015
Sybil Michelow Contralto 1925–2013
David Nevens Composer 1945–2015
Howard Parkhouse Organist, Conductor 1946–2015
Alison Pottinger Pianist 1930–2015
Michael Procter Choral Director 1951–2012
John Railton Choral Director 1929–2013
Michael Rayner Baritone 1932–2015
Howard Rees Composer, Teacher 1945–2011
Christopher Regan Organist, Administrator 1929–2015
Barbara Robotham Mezzo Soprano 1936–2013
Richard N. Scarth Organist, Scholar 1930–2014
John Scott Organist 1956–2015
Frank Shipway Conductor 1935–2014
Christopher Tambling Composer 1964–2015
William E. Webber Organist 1895–1961
David Willcocks Choral Musician 1919–2015

Catherine Bott’s Address

Posted on May 18, 2015

Catherine Bott has kindly given us a copy of her address from the 2015 Musicians’ Memorial Service.  You can download a copy here