Service of Thanksgiving 2021

Posted on April 13, 2021

Updated in April 2021

Because of the pandemic, the Friends of the Musicians’ Chapel postponed the Service of Thanksgiving, which was due to take place in May 2020, to April 2021. The Committee subsequently decided to postpone the Service again until September 2021. We are now confident that the next Service of Thanksgiving will be held on Wednesday 29th September 2021 at 5.00 pm to which all are invited. The Friends of the Musicians’ Chapel AGM will be at 2.15 pm on that day. Please note change of timings. The Service will be lead by The Reverend Nick Mottershead and the music will be sung by the Choir of Holy Sepulchre, directed by Peter Asprey. The Address will be given by The Very Reverend Dr Victor Stock, Dean-Emeritus of Guildford and a former Rector of St Mary-le-Bow.

The annual Requiem Service will be held at Holy Sepulchre, Holborn Viaduct, in memory of all musicians whose names are inscribed in the Musicians’ Book of Remembrance on Wednesday 3rd November 2021 at 5.00pm (please note date change).

The next Service of Thanksgiving, due to be held in September 2021, will be the Service intended for 2020 and the Chairman will read out the newly-inscribed Names of 2020 (for list see below). The Service in 2022 will be held in April or May of that year and the newly-inscribed Names which the Chairman shall read will be from 2021 and 2022.

Names Inscribed in 2020

Name Occupation Year of Death
William Alwyn Composer 1985
Marjorie Avis Soprano 2000
Lawrence Barnes Piano Tuner 2003
Lynton Black Bass Baritone 2019
Dian Booth Violinist 2020
Paula Bott Soprano – Opera 2019
Lucy Carolan Harpsichordist 2015
Doreen Carwithen Composer 2003
Stephen Cleobury Conductor, Organist 2019
Ian Copley Composer, Author 1988
Esther Cooper Violinist, Violist 2015
Stefan de Haan Bassoonist, Composer 2010
John Edney Trombonist 2019
Margery Elliott Flautist 2019
Gerald English Tenor 2019
Alastair (Al) Fletcher Drummer 2016
John Fletcher Tuba Player 1987
Matthew Fowler Keyboards Player 2018
Peter Fowler Singer, Conductor 2019
Jack Goddard Saxophonist, Arranger 1989
Anthony Goldstone Pianist 2017
Eric Heap Trumpet Player 2018
Reginald (Reg) Howell Organist, Choirmaster 1988
Peter Hurford Organist, Composer 2019
Michael Keyte Pianist, Teacher 2018
Oliver Knussen Composer, Conductor 2018
Stuart Knussen Double Bassist 1990
Nona Liddell Violinist 2017
Francisco Xavier Lobo Army Bandmaster 1930
Danny Longstaff Trombonist 2015
Peter Macdonald Conductor, Organist 2017
Brian Mack Violist 2019
Helen MacLeod Harpist 2018
Benjamin W. Odom Baritone, Conductor 2019
Glyndwr Parfitt Violist, Teacher 2019
Noel Rawsthorne Organist, Composer 2019
Peter Stevens Violinist, Violist 2018
Roderick Swanston Lecturer, Organist 2018
Alan Taylor Teacher, Composer 2018
Geoffrey Thomas Cellist 2018
Anthony (Tony) Tunstall Hom Player 2018
John Walker Organist 2019
John Whitfield Bassoonist, Arranger 2019
David Wright Pianist, Organist 2004