Service of Thanksgiving 2022

Posted on January 8, 2022

The Service of Thanksgiving in 2022 was held on Wednesday 18th May 2022 at 5.00 pm, with music provided by the Chamber Choir of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire directed by Paul Spicer. The Address was given by The Reverend Canon Adrian Daffern, FRCO, Vicar of the University Church of Great St Mary’s, Cambridge. A copy of the address can be found here.

Names Inscribed in 2022

Name Occupation Year of Death
Steuart Bedford Conductor, Pianist 2021
Susanne Beer Cellist 2019
Fiona Cameron Pianist, Teacher 2020
Sidney Campbell Organist, Composer 1974
Herbert Chappell Composer, Producer 2019
Gustav Clarkson Violist 2020
Julian Couzens Organist, Choirmaster 2019
Geoffrey Dancer Pianist, Restorer 2008
Oliver Davies Pianist, Musicologist 2020
Paul Deegan Tenor, Teacher 2020
Frances Dewar Violinist 2019
John A Duffy (JD) Double Bassist 2021
Ruth Dyson Harpsichordist, Teacher 1997
Margaret Engering Suzuki Teacher 2016
Nigel Finzi Violinist 2010
Carol Foulkes Soprano 2020
Jonathan Goldstein Composer 2019
Alan Green Tenor, Teacher 2020
Joan Hall Violinist 2020
Bernard Hall-Mancey Director of Music 2020
Brian Hawkins Violist, Teacher 2019
Susan Henderson Violinist 2019
Michelle Le M. Jenkins Flute, Harp 2019
Kenneth Jones Composer, Conductor 2020
Annie Lecker Pianist 1979
Maurice Lecker Conductor, Violinist 1956
Richard Lloyd Organist, Composer 2021
Peter Long Organist, Tenor 2019
Jane Manning Soprano, Writer 2021
Hannah Marcinowicz Classical Saxophonist 2019
Nick Milner-Gulland Organist, Teacher 2017
John Morehen Scholar, Organist 2021
Frank Murphy French Horn 2019
Lucian Nethsingha Cathedral Organist 2021
Anthony Payne Composer, Musicologist 2021
James Peschek Musician, Communicator 2021
Mollie Petrie Mezzo Soprano, Teacher 2016
Richard Shephard Composer, Educator 2021
Celia Simmonds Cellist 1987
Maurice Simmonds Violinist 1998
Keith Stent Conductor, Arranger 2019
Tony Whennell Saxophonist, Teacher 2020
Arthur Wills Composer, Organist 2020
Bob Winquist Violist, Violinist 2020