Services of Thanksgiving 2023

Posted on May 24, 2023

There were two Services of Thanksgiving in 2023

First Service

The first was held on Wednesday 17th May, and was sung by a choir from the Royal Academy of Music directed by Patrick Russill. The preacher was The Revd Dr James Hawkey, Canon of Westminster and Chaplain to His Majesty The King. A copy of the address can be found here.

Names Inscribed at the First Service

Name Occupation Year of Death
Sue Alcock Clarinettist 2020
Wendy Baldwin Principal Soprano 2021
John Bradbury Director of Music 2021
Julian Bream Guitarist, Lutenist 2020
Michael Bromberg Violist 1978
Sheila Bromberg Harpist 2021
Alan Byers Tenor 2022
Barry Castle Horn player 2022
Marguerita Chilvers Teacher, Conductor 2016
Clive Constance Baritone 2022
Robert Docker Pianist, Composer 1992
Catherine Ennis Organist 2020
Roger Fisher Organist, Choirmaster 2021
Jack Geary Bandleader, Clarinettist 1974
Andrew Greenwood Opera conductor 2021
Jane E Griffiths Clarinet teacher 2021
Allen Handy Trumpet player 2020
Paul Harrison Director of Music 2021
Dominic Hopkins Violinist 2022
Donald Hoskins Conductor, Musicologist 2020
Neil Hoyle Music Administrator 2019
David Hudson Sound Engineer 2013
Peter Jonas Intendant 2020
Patrick Kelly Trombonist 2020
Chris Larkin Horn player 2021
Maureen Lehane Mezzo Soprano 2010
Martin Loveday Cellist 2020
Hilary Macnamara Pianist 2021
Andrew (Andy) McGavin French Horn 2021
Jean Middlemiss Director of Music 2020
Clarence Alfred Myerscough Violinist 1985
Mike Nelson Violinist, Violist 2021
Sheila Nelson Violinist 2020
Tony Parsons Trombonist 2019
Jeremy Peyton Jones Composer, Lecturer 2021
Megan Pound Violinist 2017
Leonard Pugh Music Adviser 2019
Larion Stolk Singer, Teacher 2019
Derek Taylor French Horn 2021
Derek Wickens Oboist 2022
Peter Wishart Composer 1984
John Woolf Violinist, Impresario 2022

Second Service

The second was held on Wednesday 13th September at 5.15 pm , sung by the choir of Holy Sepulchre directed by Peter Asprey. The preacher was The Revd Nicholas Mottershead, Priest-in-Charge of Holy Sepulchre.

Names Inscribed at the Second Service

Name Occupation Year of Death
Simon BainbridgeComposer2021
John BassDouble Bassist1996
Jennifer BateConcert Organist2020
Charles BeldomViolinist2022
Stan BourkeDrummer2017
Joan BucknallViolist2016
Richard BurnettFortepianist2022
Jean BurrowPianist, Choirleader2022
Alex CameronCellist2023
Alfred ChampnissDirector of Music2022
Anne CollisPercussionist, Composer2013
Benedict CruftViolinist2022
Gervase de PeyerClarinettist2017
Felicity FosterPianist2022
Charles FullbrookTimpanist2022
James GriffettTenor2019
Joseph HorovitzComposer, Conductor2022
Martin HowOrganist, Composer2022
Alison Howard-LucyCellist2018
Francis JacksonOrganist, Composer2022
Keith JarvisOrganist, Teacher2023
David LittaurConductor2022
David Lloyd-JonesConductor2022
Salah Dawson MillerEthnomusicologist2017
Emma MurphyRecorder Player2022
Simon PrestonOrganist, Conductor2022
Stephen RobertsBaritone2022
Godfrey SalmonViolinist, Conductor2022
Richard SealCathedral Organist2022
Timothy SymonsSinger, Musicologist2022
Malcolm TroupPianist, Academic2021
Peter WigginsOboist, Reedmaker2022